This is not really the great and classic movie everybody was hoping for but it nevertheless remains a pretty good one.

Guess it definitely helps if you're familiar with the movie "Mary Poppins" already. I would imagine so, since this movie is all about the pre-production of the movie and the origins of the original story, written by P.L. Travers, who is the main character in this movie and gets played by Emma Thompson. But I can't say with absolute certainty since I have actually never seen "Mary Poppins", believe it or not.

But this movie is not just one big long 'commercial' for "Mary Poppins" and the Disney company though. In its core this movie offers a pretty interesting story, mainly concerning P.L. Travers' youth and personality. Through flashbacks the movie tells the story of P.L. Travers younger years and explains where all of the characters and stories from her best selling Mary Poppins novels originated from. I'll admit, the way of storytelling feels a bit gimmicky and the flashbacks most certainly weren't always necessary for the movie but overall it still for most part was a nice addition, that also contributed to the main story of the movie and helped us to understand the main character, who in essence really isn't a very 'warm' or likable, fun, person.

It is a Disney production though and not only just that; it's a Disney production about a Disney production. So that also means that it's never being too critical of anything or anyone and drama-wise it also isn't the most engaging or deepest thing you'll ever see. Sure, the movie has heart and it makes for an interesting watch but I just can't say that this movie ever touched- or made a genuinely big impression on me, in any way or form.

It's a mostly fun and comical movie anyway, that's more often going for laughs, rather than tears, so to speak. It's not a children's movie as well though. Not that it's too violent or shocking of course but more because it's actually a very dry and straightforward one. It may be about a magical story and it may involve Walt Disney and Disneyland but that doesn't mean that the actual movie is a magical one as well. Maybe that's a bit of a complaint as well by me. I certainly wouldn't have minded if things were a tad bit 'warmer' and magical in this movie at times. It potentially could have turned this movie into a more fun one- but also definitely into more of a special and unique one as well, with lots of rewatchability value.

I'm not complaining too much though, since the movie as it is is still a pretty good one and one that's definitely worth seeing, if alone for its interesting historical story behind the creation of Mary Poppins and for the fine performances by its actors. Since it's mostly set in the '60's it also works as a great and fine looking period piece as well!

It's not a must-see by any means but definitely a good movie to watch nevertheless.


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