Well, this movie definitely has some originality going for it. I mean, how many low budget horror movies, that you know off, involve dinosaurs? And it's not like this is just a cheap and simple "Jurassic Park" knockoff. It's actually more creative and definitely also self aware!

I still really can't say that this is a very good movie but yet it's doing a lot of things right, when compared to similar type of genre movies, made with a similar budget. It's for instance good to see that the movie knows that it's annoying, spoiled and oblivious characters are all annoying, spoiled and oblivious characters. It isn't trying to cover up anything and instead is having some fun with things. This also definitely is more of a comedy than a true horror/action flick, or at least that's how I experienced the movie.

The movie wasn't taking itself too serious, so why shouldn't you do just the same? This obviously is just a movie to have some fun with and don't ever think too hard about, since none of its makes sense really and it's all rather simplistic and predictable to watch. But I have to say; it's a fun to watch movie, when in the right mood for it and you have absolutely nothing else or better to do.

But no, even though this is a pretty entertaining movie to watch, I just can't say it's a very good one as well. It's trying to get away with too much but I'm not letting it! It seems to be believe that by being self aware and over-the-top goofy at times, it should be able to get away with just about everything. Well, I don't think so. Even though it does work out well for most part, the movie as a whole still remains a far too simplistic one, that isn't offering enough excitement, tension or surprises. It has a creative and original main concept but it's disappointing to see how little creativity the actual story has in it.

Maybe if only the movie had some more likable characters and well build up moments in it. That way this movie at least would have been a more engaging one, since as it is, it's quite hard to care for anyone or about anything that is happening in this movie.

I still have to praise the movie for using some practical effects as well, as opposed to just CGI. It isn't always looking very convincing but still, by using practical effects the movie shows the efforts that went into making it. And the CG effects that it's using...well, it really isn't anything too bad. Certainly better than any of the SyFy channel originals!

It's still enjoyable and entertaining in some ways and definitely better than most other movies that are trying to do the same thing but I just can't call it a good movie as well!


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