This is a rather good short to watch because it works on multiple levels.

Thing this short is doing particularly well is keeping the mystery and suspense going at all times. At times the movie is build up and handled more as a horror but at others it appears to be more of a drama instead. You just don't really know where the story is going to take the movie, which does work out well for both the suspense and mystery of the movie.

This also truly helps to keep things interesting to watch. The story slowly unfolds but the movie itself is never a slow or dull one to watch. There is always something going on, also due to the fact that the movie has quite some few characters in it. Well, OK only four but still. All things considering, this easily could have been a short with just only two characters in it but the fact that the movie has more characters than this keeps the story flowing and makes the dynamics between the different characters more interesting as well.

It also further more is a very good looking short. There is absolutely nothing about it that indicates that it was made for a very low-budget. The cinematography is good, the settings are all good and so is the lighting and editing. The movie has a good style and atmosphere to it that help to set the mood and the story to move along.

It of course isn't always a perfect movie. The acting for instance isn't always consistent and the ending perhaps also feels a tad bit rushed but It are all little things like that, that you more or less always have to take for granted when watching a low-budget short.

But I shouldn't complain too much really, since this is a very good short that I also truly enjoyed watching! It's a very recommendable one, that's well worth your time (it's only about 27 minutes short anyway).


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NATAL (Theatrical Trailer) from Bonfire Films on Vimeo.

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