Christmas fluff is definitely more bearable than normal movie fluff. Well, in most cases anyway.

This is one very predictable movie but at least it isn't ever becoming too sappy or too over-the-top, which actually ensures that this movie movie is a mostly bearable and watchable one. Movies like this are simply meant to get you in the Christmas spirit and not too impress or surprise you with anything. And I have to say, it isn't doing a bad job with its material.

The movie is a cute and likable enough one as it is. Of course there is nothing brilliant about it and you pretty much know already how this movie is going to progress and eventually end, after having seen just the first few minutes of it but were you honestly expecting something different from a made for TV movie, with TV quality writing, directing and acting in it?

It of course doesn't mean that I'm letting the movie get away with just about everything but there honestly wasn't anything about the movie that truly bothered or annoyed me about it. Maybe I'm just more forgiving toward it because I'm in the holiday spirit but in any case, I strongly do feel and believe that most people should be able to like this movie, as long as their expectations for it aren't too high. But then again, why should they even be high for this movie in the first case?

I still have some problems as well though with this movie. It's supposed to be a magical Christmas movie with some magical themes in it but the movie itself never feels or looks as anything magical. It's also somewhat distracting how strange and 'magical' things keep happening but the main characters sort of dismisses them and doesn't ever even think twice about it. She doesn't really question anything, which also makes the ending a sort of a weird and out of tone one.

The ending in general feels like a rushed one and it didn't even feel like a real ending at all. I won't spoil anything but there should have been an additional scene really, showing how they characters would 'live happily ever after'. The ending as it is leaves too many questions regarding that.

Don't worry, I'm not completely brainwashed by the 'holiday spirit'. Of course this isn't a great movie but I have to say that I still, for most part, enjoyed it and also definitely still see this as a perfectly watchable one to watch around the holidays, when nothing better is on.


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