Thing about most sequels is that most movies never were made and written with a sequel in mind already. This movie pretty much starts right off after the events of the first movie but yet it feels like a totally different movie, that also definitely isn't as solid and effective as the first one.

It was pretty much unavoidable that a sequel to "Insidious" would be made someday. Not that the first movie didn't gave any closure but more due to the simple fact that it made millions and millions of dollars, while the movie itself only had cost around $1.500.000 to make. But in other words, it was a sequel that HAD to be made and that's also how this movie feels. Everything about it feels too forced and it isn't half as subtle or well thought out as its predecessor.

That's one of the problems with this movie; The pace is too fast and there also is far too much happening in this movie. Instead of following one main plot line, it's following a bunch of them, involving many different characters, of which most had appeared in the previous movie as well. It's all a bit too much and it definitely distracts from the main plot line, that still centers around the Patrick Wilson character and his family. It doesn't necessarily make the movie a messy or disjointed one but it still definitely is lacking a good focus at times.

Horror-wise this movie is also far from the most effective or scary thing you'll ever get to see. Because it all feels too 'forced', instead of something that's build up more slowly and subtly, the horror never becomes anything truly effectively scary. It doesn't allow itself to first set up the right mood and atmosphere for the movie and to work better on its mystery as well. In essence the mystery in this movie is still quite good and interesting but it isn't always handled in the best and most interesting way by the movie.

I thought it was a pretty good move to make this more of a prequel in some ways, since there wasn't that much to tell anymore after the first movie, without turning it into a rehash of its predecessor. But by inserting some prequel elements, the 'sequel elements' start to work out as something more compelling and original feeling as well. It also definitely isn't a terrible movie and it most certainly is still way better than most horror sequels and horror movies in general but compared to the first movie, this one still feels like a disappointing one, that also had far more potential in it really. It feels as if this movie got made in too much of an hurry and under too much pressure. It's a real shame all!

It obviously isn't the worst movie to watch and it's actually still being a pretty decent and watchable one, despite all of my criticism but more was to be expected really, especially after the first movie and from something that is coming from the director James Wan.


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