This movie definitely feels like 'old' Disney again. Songs, princesses, cute characters, snappy comedy, far off places, adventure. Everything that made a lot of the. for instance, Disney animated movies from the '90's so great and timeless are all present in this movie as well. Having said that, this is one is not among the best Disney movies of all time in my opinion but it's good to see the studio returning to old form.

And all criticism aside; I genuinely enjoyed watching this movie. It's some perfectly enjoyable, simple, quick, entertainment but that at the same time is also still my main problem with it; it's a very basic and simple movie really.

It's a movie with a very straightforward story, that doesn't feature that many distractions in it. There for instance are no real side-plots and it's spending all of its time with either the Anna or Elsa character. There is no time and room for anything or anyone else to ever fully develop. It makes the story a pretty simplistic and also shallow one, though at the same time it still manages to be engaging enough with its main story and characters.

The story also does still have some nice touches in it. I for instance liked that the movie showed that a very feminine and girl like character such as a princes can be an heroic, adventurous and strong character, without having to toughen her up first, by giving her a warrior outfit or weapons for instance, like lots of animated movies that want to feature a strong female lead in it often tend to do.

I also liked how the love story was slightly different from usual and it handled themes such as true love and giving your heart to a person pretty well. Definitely better and more sensible than usual is the case with animated movies, aimed toward young kids.

The movie also features some pretty good songs in it. A bit too simple for my taste perhaps at times but I guess that's also why most of them are catchy ones. It's not exactly Alan Menken and Tim Rice type of material so to speak but it's definitely good to hear some original, good 'old fashioned', songs in a Disney movie again, without feeling forced and actually old fashioned.

Also good to see a genuinely good, fun and cute, comical sidekick in an animated movie again. There's always the danger with these sort of characters that they work out as annoying and forced one but Olaf the snowman, voiced by Josh Gad, actually definitely was my favorite character of the movie. His name alone is already enough to make me smile and he has a great, cute, personality and some funny one liners, throughout the entire movie.

Even though the movie as a whole feels a bit too simplistic and also certainly predictable, it still is one enjoyable animated movie to watch, of course especially for the young ones.


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  1. Nice review Frank. The type of animated flick that can be entertained by anybody in the family, but especially the kids, who really do matter the most.