Don't really know why this movie is already having a bad reputation. Seems to me that every time a movie comes around that tries to do anything different, people are going to hate on it, regardless of its actual quality.

It's as if people are so accustomed to seeing formulaic horror movies nowadays that they aren't open to movies that are different from the mainstream ones, or they just don't know how to take them. It's a real shame, since it also means that certain movies don't ever receive the recognition and attention that they truly deserve to get. I'm not saying that this is a great movie but it definitely is an original one, that isn't doing an awful lot wrong and definitely deserves a better reputation.

Sure, it's a slower type of movie but that's actually something that I liked about it. It helps to create some good suspense and mystery for the movie and it's definitely best to watch this movie without knowing what it's all about. It's not a confusing movie but it's still a different and unusual one with its story, which in this case works in the advantage of the movie.

The story isn't anything all that solid or clever, mostly because it simply chooses not to explain everything but it still manages to work out as something interesting enough, which again is all really mostly due to its originality. It makes the movie a far from predictable one, which also means that it's a both engaging and pleasant little movie to watch, with a few nice surprises in it as well.

It further more is a pretty good looking movie, with a good atmosphere and absolutely nothing about this movie indicates that it was made with a low budget. Not just the makeup is good looking but so is its cinematography and all of the sets and settings.

It's simply a good little movie, that's different from the usual genre fare. Nothing too special but definitely watchable and worth checking out, if you're open to something different.


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