Here it is, just before the end of 2013, one of the worst movies of the year!

Besides being an incredibly formulaic movie, that's following the usual 'The Asylum' monster-movie template, this movie is one poorly shot and told one! Sure, it had a low budget but that shouldn't and also just can't be used as a valid excuse in this case. There are far more problems with the movie, that aren't necessarily money related.

For one, it's an incredibly messy and poorly told movie. It's the kind of movie in which you don't really know why or how certain things are happening. It's a very simple and straightforward movie, that doesn't ever elaborate on anything and isn't even really trying to make sense of anything. Actually, the few times that it tries to explain- and make sense of things, the more ridicules and worse the movie becomes. So maybe it's actually a good thing that the movie isn't ever trying to explain things too much or too hard.

So is it at least entertaining to watch? Not really. Because the movie is such a formulaic one, it also is being a very predictable and overall far from creative one. This unfortunately also means that the movie more often is annoying and tedious to watch, instead of something fun and entertaining. I'm not saying that it's completely devoid of entertainment but overall, this movie doesn't feature enough real entertainment in it, let alone any quality entertainment. It's an extremely low budget movie. so that means that there are also no real good action moments in it and only uses some cheap looking effects and at times even some 'good old fashioned' stock footage! Yes, Ed Wood would have been proud.

The movie is filled with a bunch of characters you won't ever care about. I also really don't get why these type of movies always feel the need to future about a dozen of different characters. Why not simply just focus on one or two main characters all throughout, to keep things potentially better and more engaging to watch.

Of course the acting isn't much impressive either but to be fair, all of the actors have to utter some absolutely poor dialog and it obviously is hard to impress in such a cheap and formulaic movie such as this one. So really, I'm not even blaming any of the actors for their performances. Blame the weak 'writing' and poor directing instead!

The fact that this movie features Attila the Hun as its main villain/monster really isn't all that relevant. He could have been any other random zombie/mummy like creature and it wouldn't have changed much about the story. The character never talks and has no personality. It's just a guy behind a mask who's fighting and running around and is doing nothing else.

There is just no reason why you should ever watch this movie!


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