Horror comedies and spoofs can work out, as long as it's being creative and original with its approach, concept and comedy. All things that this movie isn't unfortunately.

The movie is really as lame as its title already would suggest to you. Making fun of horror clichés has all been done before already and in a much better and far more creative way as well. This isn't even being a creative movie in the way it references and spoofs Stephen King's work. This movie only features the type of references in it that everybody will get, even if you aren't all that familiar with King's work and haven't seen any of the movies that are based on his works. This is a far from subtle and clever movie really, which is part of the reason why this movie is often also more annoying than entertaining to watch. I'm pretty sure that King himself would absolutely hate this movie as well. I'm not even a big Stephen King fan but even I felt offended by the way how this piece of uninspired and generic drivel kept on referencing his works.

It's not just a very generic movie, it's also a very poorly executed one. It never creates any good tension and mystery for the movie and it's far too busy being often as goofy and comical as possible, which really doesn't work out too well, since the comedy itself is also far from anything original or solid.

A big reason why nothing about this movie ever works out are its characters. None of them is being a likable enough one and basically all of them are some incredibly big and annoying douches, each in their own way.

It even isn't a fun movie in a horror/slasher kind of way. The kills and gore are all disappointing really, even though I was happy to see all of the characters getting killed off, one by one. I don't know, it feels as if the film-makers had only seen a handful of modern horror flicks and decided to make a spoof of it, without really truly understanding- or having a genuine love for the genre.

It isn't the worst horror comedy that I have ever seen but that's about the biggest compliment that I can give this movie.


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