It's hard nowadays to come across a comedy that's actually genuinely fun and funny to watch. And while this is something you most certainly wouldn't expect from a Jennifer Aniston comedy, this is actually one that's genuinely good and funny to watch!

Well, I say it's a Jennifer Aniston comedy but is it really? She's really 'just' a supporting character in this, or sidekick if you will. The true focus of the movie is on the Jason Sudeikis character, which is perhaps also part of the reason why the movie works out so well. It's not a chick-flick or some other nice type of comedy but simply a good old fashioned silly comedy, with some good writing and dialog in it.

You know it's a silly comedy, so of course it's going to feature some exaggerated moments and characters in it. Good thing about this though is that all of these characters and moments work out as rather amusing. I won't say this movie is the best or most hilarious thing ever but I definitely had a good time with it, which was something I absolutely wasn't expecting from this movie.

It's a fast paced and witty movie with some snappy dialog. It isn't ever wasting any time on anything, which means that there are also no distracting side-plots, other than the ones that truly help the movie to go forward. It's perhaps not a huge surprise that I liked this movie, seeing how its directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber who also directed the hilarious "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story". It's not like both movies feature the same comedy style but it's obvious that Rawson Marshall Thurber understands the genre and knows what it takes to be funny. Comedy is all about the timing and execution of things really, which is something this movie had no problems with either.

The actors all obvious had fun playing in this movie, which is also one of the reasons why the movie itself is a fun one to watch. It wasn't just another paycheck for them and their hearts and minds were truly into it. All of the characters also feel like very rich ones, no matter how small their parts actually are .Jason Sudeikis and Will Poulter were especially good and enjoyable in this.

Maybe it's ail hard to believe but just watch the movie for yourself and chances are it will truly surprise you how good and fun it is to watch.


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