Yayyy, adventure time! Now if only this was a good movie...

I quite like these low budget adventure movies, since no matter how bad and cheap they look and silly as they are, they are always at least entertaining to watch. But that however doesn't mean that these movies should be able to get away with everything.

This is one incredibly bad movie, in just about every way imaginable. And no, it's not even an entertaining one to watch, due to the extremely lacking quality of this movie. It's an OK enough looking movie with some good setting and decent enough costumes but both the story and storytelling is extremely poor in this movie, among many other problems.

For some odd reason it's a very slow going movie. The pace never becomes a pleasant one and the movie feels far too drawn out, no doubt in an attempt to make it at least 80 minutes long one, which is just about the minimum amount of running time that should be allowed for a full length movie. It causes the movie to feel a bit like a bore at times and it doesn't help much that this movie never, at any point, becomes an exciting, surprising, tense or interesting one to watch.

The story...well, it's about as basic as can be but yet the movie still manages to tell things in an incredibly messy and confusing way. So here we have a movie with basically two separate plot lines in it, each set at different times. The movie however keeps switching back and forth so incredibly randomly between these two different stories that at times you don't even know anymore what storyline you're following and what it's all about. Or perhaps it's true that this is also is because you most likely simply won't care, since everything in this movie is told in a far from exciting and compelling way.

The characters are all pretty dull ones too, played by some even duller actors. The acting in this movie is not just bad, it's absolutely terrible! I won't even call the actors in this movie B-level actors but Z-level instead! Granted that it doesn't help that the movie is a very poorly written one, with some awful dialog but even so, I doubt the acting would have been any better to watch, with a better written script involved.

I perhaps still would have been OK with the poor sound quality, bad editing, poor acting and the lacking story, as long as the movie would have been an entertaining one to watch. The fact that it isn't is an unforgivable fact and makes this movie an absolutely, totally, unwatchable one.

A movie you have to see to believe how awful it is.


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