A found footage movie done actually right? In my opinion; yes!

It seems that people nowadays are so used to watching found footage movies that involve jump scares every 10 minutes and other random scenes that don't make any sense in the context of a found footage movie, that they can't appreciate any movies anymore that actually try to create a realistic story and atmosphere. Sure, it makes the movie slower and less exciting to watch but in my opinion also far more creepy and effective.

I have seen so many found footages flicks done as a mockumentary but I don't think I have ever seen one that's quite as effective as this one, using the genre elements. It's a mockumentary that actually feels and looks like a real documentary. The 'witness statements' are all here to create a mysterious and eerie feeling in regard to its subject, as well as to create a certain sense of grounded realism. And effectively so. This movie seems to understand that less is more sometimes, when it comes down to these type of movies. It's all about building up the mystery and atmosphere and not so much about bringing you scares. It may sound a bit boring and lacking horror-wise but through its mystery and atmosphere this movie actually manages to become a far more eerie and effective horror movie than most others. It isn't ever showing too much and it lets your mind play tricks on you sometimes, since it's leaving a lot up to your own imagination.

It also isn't necessarily following a story in which things get discovered and the 'mystery' eventually gets explained. It's just a mockumentary about a group of paranormal investigators investigating at a, supposedly haunted, old English church ruin. But just as often is the case with real life paranormal occurrences; in the end, there are far more questions than answers. Perhaps this is something that's going to annoy some people about this movie but personally I thought it was a great touch and truly added to the realism of things.

This movie turned out to be a great little surprise. Needless to say I wasn't expecting much from it, since I have seen tons of movies like this already, that 90% of the time only disappoint and don't ever attempt to do anything new. They are formulaic, predictable and ineffective ones but I'm glad to say that this movie returns to the root of the found footage genre and play things far more subtle and therefore also works out as something far more effective and eerie than the usual modern genre attempt.

I guess this movie is really going to be a case of 'you'll either love it or hate it', due to its more 'classic' approach to the genre but personally, I really loved it.


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