It's hard to rate this movie. On the one hand it really isn't a great one but on the other, it's one that's made mostly by a couple of inexperienced youngsters and on a shoestring budget. In that regard this movie is still a real accomplishment!

Zombie movies are always great and fun to watch. Well, most of the time anyway. But I still definitely always prefer watching a zombie flick over any sort of other modern horror movie and it doesn't matter much to me that most of the time the movies turn out to be disappointing and far from original ones. There is just something about the concept of having zombies walking around and killing people in gruesome gory ways that brings me back to these type of movies.

And really, I have also seen plenty of low budget zombie flicks already and fair is fair, I have to say that this movie is definitely better and more professional and enjoyable than most of those other genre movies, made with little to no money.

It's still very obvious all throughout that this wasn't the most expensive movie to make. It has a cheap look and feeling to it, with also some, at times, poor acting and lacking cinematography, editing and sound, just to name a few things. It however never really becomes anything too distracting, since the movie itself also decides to keep things small and simple. It's one of those survival horror movies that's mostly taking place at one location, which also means that it isn't constantly filled with action. Sounds boring perhaps but despite its long running time the movie actually never bores and it also doesn't ever truly become a repetitive one. Despite its simple and straightforward story there also still is plenty of creativity in this movie, which is keeping things interesting to watch.

It still obviously isn't the best that the genre has to offer. It never becomes a very tense or exciting movie to watch, since there is never any real sense of fear or danger. I believe this also is really because of the lack of drama in this movie. There's a zombie outbreak and lots of people die, yet all of the character seem hardly affected by any of this. Not even when they see some of their close friends die in front of their eyes. It's a missed opportunity really and it potentially could have made this movie a far more engaging one to watch.

It's hard to ever care for any of the characters in this movie, not in the least because it never feels like you truly get to know any of them. They aren't distinctive enough and I seriously don't even remember any of the character's names anymore, even though I have just finished watching the movie. The only distinctive character is the nagging and annoying girl but see, I don't even remember her name!

Considering its budget and circumstances, this still is a pretty impressive movie and a real accomplishment but based on its actual quality as a movie, I just can't call it the best that the genre currently has to offer and it's definitely lacking too much in certain areas, such as with its story and acting. It's still a watchable enough movie as it is but nothing I would ever recommend to anyone.


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