Normally these type of found footage movies become better ones, once they head toward its end, since they at that point finally start to turn into some exciting and good ones, once stuff starts to happen. However this movie actually got worse, as it neared the end.

I have to say, I actually liked this movie when it was still mysterious and only building up toward stuff, without really showing- or revealing anything yet. This all changed toward the end, when things suddenly started to take a turn for the worse. The more that got revealed and the more that got shown, the more ridicules and unconvincing the movie actually became to watch. Instead of being subtle, with simple knocks on the door and seeing stuff move in the background, the movie does and shows far too much. It's too exaggerated really, while for the first half, the movie still feels like a somewhat convincing and realistic one.

For some reason it's also a movie that feels much longer than its actual 91 minutes. Perhaps it's because of its slow build up or perhaps it's due to the fact that the movie feels like it consists out of two totally different and contrasting halves. Anyway, because the movie feels much longer, that also means that it drags at times and just isn't always being the most exciting movie to watch.

This still, for most part, is a pretty good found footage flick and I definitely liked it better than most of the other average genre attempts but all throughout and toward the end in particular, the movie starts making some bad choices with its story and storytelling, which turns this movie into an ultimately just OK one. It has too many mistakes and weaknesses in it to call it a very good or successful one really, despite the fact that I still enjoyed watching it for most part.

Too much stuff just doesn't make any sense. The character's responses to the situations and occurrences are often weird and unconvincing ones and the way they ultimately handle some of the situations are at times even weirder and all the more unconvincing. It's far from realistic, even though this is the type of found footage movie that tries to pass itself as one that features real found footage in it, which is an annoying and generic aspect about most found footage movies nowadays anyway, in my opinion.

It's still far from the worst that the genre has to offer but at the same time, there are also definitely way better genre flicks out there!


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