Whoa! I'm often defending these SyFy original movies but there is just no defending this one. It's an absolutely terrible- but above all things absurd movie!

I don't even know where to begin. The concept is of course already sounding absolutely ludicrous and it isn't exactly turned into something very convincing and realistic by the actual movie. As a matter of fact, the movie gets sillier and sillier with its story as it goes on and keeps coming up with new stuff. So, here we have a movie with a story involving a bunch of strange natural disasters, that occur around Christmas time and marks the end of the world. But have no fear! There is a girl, who apparently is the chosen one and with the help of an old ancient Mayan book and a bunch of random rings they have to find for some reason, is able to stop the end of days.

It's really random how the movie keeps coming up with new things. Even the disasters are all extremely random ones and not even all that fun and awesome to watch, due to some poor computer effects. Well, that's no big surprise of course, seeing how all SyFy movies always have some bottom of the barrel CGI effects in them.

I guess it could have worked, if only the movie had taken a different approach to things. Maybe if the movie would have been more of a fun and adventurous one, all of it potentially still could have worked out. But the movie for some reason feels more like one that's wanting to take a realistic approach to things, which of course isn't working out too well for the movie, since everything that happens in it as absolutely ridicules and far from anything realistic or convincing.

There is also never a sense of true despair and panic, even though it becomes apparent from pretty early on that the end is nigh! But even when certain characters die, no one is really mourning or worrying about anything too much, other than some very trivial stuff. The movie even manages to throw in a villain, who is just evil for the sake of being evil. The actions characters take and behaviors they exhibit are all part of the reason why this is an absolutely terrible and far from convincing and effective movie to watch.

It's also terrible how there isn't a single original thing about this movie. It keeps 'borrowing' heavily from other movies, all throughout. This also means that the movie really isn't ever becoming a very surprising one and it's also indeed being a very predictable movie, from start to finish.

Just not a very good- or even remotely enjoyable movie to watch.


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