There is nothing particularly good about this movie but I still enjoyed watching it.

There's something more honest and genuine about this movie I suppose. It doesn't feel like its written and made to simply just bring laughs, or as just another simple and quick cash-grab. No, it feels like some real love and effort went into the making of this movie, both in front and behind the cameras. It makes this movie a cute and enjoyable one to watch.

It's probably true that this movie is also trying to say more with its story and criticize the advertising world but the good news about it is that the movie doesn't ever get preachy with it. It's more of a subtle criticizing and parody movie, that seems to realize that the movie isn't going to change much about anything, so it also isn't bothering to. It isn't a moralistic movie but one that decides to have so fun with its concept instead.

Because the movie is a more subtle one, it also feels like a better written movie as well, though in all honesty, I just can't claim that this movie has a actual better story, than any other random romantic comedy. in it. It only just appears that way, through the way it gets handled and presented in this movie. So really, you have to say that director Aram Rappaport did a good job with this movie!

As you may have guessed already, this is not the type of heavily exaggerated comedy, with silly situations and characters in it, though it does still have some absurd situations and character in it, in the comical sense of the word. But it never goes overboard with anything, which really is a good thing in this particular case. It works well and pleasantly for its story as well as for its comedy. It's not a movie that is going to make you burst out laughing but it's a movie that occasionally is going to bring a smile to your face and one that is going to bring you a feeling of enjoyment.

It's not a great movie by any means but I simply enjoyed watch it!


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