Guess you can say this movie is as good as a zombie movie set inside a women's restroom can get.

Of course this isn't a great movie but it at least still has one thing really going for it; its originality. It's of course very hard nowadays to stand out with a zombie movie and still be creative and original with its concept, since basically everything already have been done before, in one way or another. But this movie manages to find an original approach. I admit, it doesn't also work out too well but it at least makes this movie an unique and enjoyable one.

The main problem with the concept is that it's of course hard to do anything when you just have a few characters, that are trapped in a very small place, surrounded by zombies. And yes, this movie also becomes a bit of a repetitive one and isn't always the most exciting or interesting genre movie to watch. I have to say that the movie even becomes somewhat boring at parts and it feels a tad bit overlong, even though the movie itself is only 84 minutes short, including end credits. It tries to avoid all of this by throwing in some more story and drama but it really isn't anything that ever works out too well, since it really isn't the best written movie. Funny thing is that the movie got written by Dan Palmer, who also stars as the main character.

The movie in general isn't the best made one that you can ever come across. This obviously is a low budget production, which not only shows with its settings but also the overall look in general. Good thing still is that the movie features some pretty decent and enjoyable gore in it but just not that many of it.

This obviously is the type of movie that's going for laughs, rather than just horror and gore. It's truly a comedy and a pretty enjoyable one as well. Nothing too hilarious but something that's most likely still going to make you laugh and is going to bring at the very least a smile to your face, when watching it.

It really is nothing too exceptional and probably also not as good or fun as the concept makes it sound but it's still a perfectly watchable and enjoyable, harmless, little British zombie flick to watch.


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