Here we have one of those movies that's trying to be both an educational and dramatic one. It's one that's trying to say; be careful of the inter-webs and social media kids! But at the same time, in the end it completely ruins its own message by throwing in some Hollywood twist, that isn't all that clever or surprising anyway, due to the way how it's not so very subtly brought into the movie.

Thing about these 'adult' movies dealing with 'teenage' issues always is that most of the time they are never realistic or convincing enough ones with its themes and story. This movie is no different; It features a bunch of ridicules and highly unlikely developments, that involve the use of internet. It's one of the many things that often annoy me about movies. It's ridicules how everyone turns against the girl and her life starts to fall apart, due to some stupid events. So people seriously thought that the girls would launch a website that would make herself look bad and spread hateful things on social media that would make her look stupid and narrow minded, despite the fact that she's on of the better students at school and just got elected as school president. OK 2 or 3 people may actually believe something like this but an entire school and its staff? I really don't think so. It's the type of thing 'normal' people would shrug at and just carry on with their lives as usual. But that's definitely one of the many problems with this movie; everything gets exaggerated and every little problem gets turned into a big and dramatic one, making this movie more annoying than anything else really.

Being melodramatic is one thing but when it isn't anything convincing or remotely realistic either, there is just no saving the movie. This movie is suffering from both these problems, which also are the foremost reasons why it isn't ever working out and actually is quite a bad one to watch.

No, I won't say that it's one of the absolutely worst movies that I have ever seen, since it really isn't but that isn't saying all that much about the actual quality of this movie though. It has low production values, bad writing, bad acting, poor dialog that often doesn't match what's happening on the screen. It's a silly, unrealistic and over dramatic movie really, that doesn't get any points across, despite its desperate efforts and also, no doubt, best of intentions.


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