This movie feels like a leftover from the '90's. You know, the type of slick looking and fast going movie, that doesn't feature any real action in it but instead is being a very talkative one. A cheap movie, disguised as a big one through its slick style and by featuring some big name actors in it. These type of movies can work out, when they are some well written and/or fun ones to watch. Neither of that is the case with this movie though.

No, this is not a totally horrible movie but it's a very forgettable one, that isn't doing anything special and is often lacking in the execution. It's never an interesting enough movie, never a tense enough one, never engaging and not a very surprising one either.

The problem is really with the story. It just isn't a very well written or tight one, that's lacking in every department. So all of the thriller, crime, drama and romantic elements are incredibly lacking in this, which turns the movie into a below average one. It's all a bit too simplistic, yet the movie still manages to feel very messy with both its story and storytelling as well. Because of all of this, it never becomes a pleasant movie to watch.

I also strongly feel that another problem with its story and the approach to it is that it never feels realistic and organic enough. The way persons make certain choices, the way people approach and talk to each other. Nothing feels real. It's hard to get behind any of the characters and the situations that they are in when none of it feels real. It besides gives the movie way too much room to constantly come up with new stuff, that's coming out of nowhere and it allows the movie to go overboard with certain developments and events, which ultimately also becomes quite annoying after a while.

Fair is fair; Justin Timberlake is a pretty good actor though. Always have been really and he's also a good and likable enough main character in this movie, though he clearly was struggling as well at times with the material. Ben Affleck on the other hand feels totally miscast. He's playing an almost invincible and tough crime boss, that's pulling a lot of strings. He however never comes across as anyone threatening in this, or as even someone powerful. Casting Ben Affleck as a bad guy seems like a pretty odd and unlikely choice in the first place and it's also a gamble that doesn't pay off. Not saying that he's a bad actor but he simply was miscast and feels horribly out of place in this.

It isn't the worst movie you can watch but it still is a very forgettable and mishandled one.


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