What did I just watch? I still don't really know but yet I can't say that it's a bad movie as well.

This is a type of movie you really won't understand, unless you first read its synopsis. The movie itself is hardly ever explaining anything to you. But really, even when you have indeed read the synopsis, you still won't always know or understand what is going on in this. You can say that it's leaving things up to your own imagination and interpretation of things, which all is fine but I did wish that the movie would have given me something more to latch onto at times and would have provided some more background information, concerning certain things, such as; what time period is this movie supposed to take place in? What's the deal with the ongoing war? Who is fighting who and why are the movie its main characters stationed at the the Arctic Circle?

I guess I can still see what this movie was trying to do. It's trying to be one of those movies set at a remote location, involving only a handful of characters, who are all slowly going mad, due to the loneliness, boredom, their claustrophobic surroundings and grim outlook. But here is the problem with it; there is hardly anything in this movie that could account for the character's insanity. There just isn't enough happening. There is some craziness throughout this movie but not enough of it really. I therefore also really can't say that this movie is working out too well but yet at the same time it doesn't turn this movie into a bad one as well.

It's hard to explain, simply because I myself can't even tell why I still somewhat liked this movie. Perhaps it's due to it that this movie still, despite of everything, is a fascinating one to watch. It's certainly an original and unusual movie, without ever getting THAT weird by the way. Even though it's obvious the movie isn't always really going anywhere with anything, you still keep watching because you're still interested in what's going to happen next. Because it's such an odd and unusual movie there also is absolutely nothing predictable about and that's perhaps why I still enjoyed the viewing experience.

I really won't ever recommend this movie to anyone, it's too offbeat and just not effective enough for it and I'm also sure about it that more people are going to hate this movie than love it but personally, I still somewhat liked it, in some weird and unexplainable way.


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