How best to describe this movie...a drama disguised as a slasher or a slasher disguised as a drama? Anyway, this isn't a very pleasant movie to watch, due to its pace and the way it tells its story.

There is absolutely nothing horror/slasher like about the first half of this movie. It of course tries to set up its characters and story in this but it all takes far too long really and the movie isn't ever doing anything all that interesting with it anyway. For example, here's one of the things this movie does; Have a 2 minute montage, in which the girl fixes herself a sandwich...yes, truly exciting stuff. It's kind of annoying how the first half of the movie feels like a bad, made for TV family drama, while the second half is an all out, generic, slasher.

And there's another problem really; the movie is an incredibly generic and therefore also very predictable one. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this movie features every single genre cliché in it; false scares, cell phones that stop working, characters who split up, a killer that's first messing with people, instead of just simply kill them, when he/she has the chance. This movie is even more predictable and generic than the average genre attempt. absolutely nothing in this movie comes as a surprise, not even when it reveals the killer because....well, just find out for yourself. It's the only thing about this movie that isn't generic but at the same time, it's not really something that works out very good about it either. At least not for me it doesn't.

It's a movie that fails in every department. It isn't ever becoming an interesting or engaging one with its story or characters. It isn't ever being a good tense or mysterious one with its horror/thriller elements and it never brings anything new to the table. Instead it's a far too slow (well, at least its first half is), predictable and totally ineffective movie. I certainly was glad when it finally was over.

Just go watch any other random slasher instead. Chances are it's a far better and more effective movie than this one.


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