Not really sure what I was expecting from this movie but most definitely something better than this movie eventually turned out to be.

First of all, the obvious complaint; The animations are all very disappointing to look at really. I know that not every CG animated movie can be Pixar quality but that doesn't mean you should be allowed to get away with just about anything. Seriously, the characters, textures and backgrounds don't just look cheap and simple but so do all of the very wooden movements, that reminded me of cut-scenes from a Playstation game. And I'm talking about the first Playstation! I have seen animated TV shows for kids with better CG quality in it! I keep saying this but if you don't have the money and/or other resources to reach a certain quality through a certain way, than find another way to make your movie at least look remotely decent, or just don't make a movie at all! I for instance prefer simple hand-drawn animations over these poor looking CG animated movies any day!

But if only the animations were the only problem with this movie. That way I perhaps still may have been able to at least enjoy this movie. But the movie as it is really isn't ever offering enough, entertainment-wise. The story is a very weak and straightforward one, that seems to be more suitable for an episode of a 30 minutes cartoon. The story is not just missing entertainment and excitement in it but also a decent villain, which normally is something no animated movie involving superheroes have any problems with. But in this movie the villain is...some sort of electricity. Don't ask, I don't even really know. It's disappointing that there is no real 'human like' villain, with a good villainous personality to him and a solid villainous plot and plan.

But they messed up plenty of other basic stuff as well. The main characters for instance; I really didn't like the fact that the Hulk came across like a thinking and a (mostly) in constant control of himself character, who besides had far too much dialog. The Hulk should growl, the Hulk should smash and leave all of the other things up to Bruce Banner or Tony Stark. It really didn't feel right. Iron Man/Tony Stark's voice also just didn't sound right to me. His voice sound too young for a seasoned, billionaire, genius, playboy. I admit, maybe it also was simply due to the dialog that his voice didn't sound right to me. The dialog is never anything solid, or remotely witty and comical.

That's another problem with the movie; it isn't a very fun or funny one to watch. The attempts at humor feel too forced and out of place and besides are rather lame to be perfectly honest.

Really, if this would have been a 30 minute long TV series episode I really wouldn't have complained as much. I would have thought to myself; 'well, that was a rather weak episode' but other than that I wouldn't have said or thought much about it. But the fact that this is a full length movie (well, it's only 71 minutes), that you should spend money on to get- and go through the trouble to buy makes this movie an absolutely unacceptable one. Both story-wise and quality-wise this movie just isn't anything good enough, though at the same time, it still obviously is far from the worst thing you can watch.


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  1. That's about my reaction to it as well, I don't think I was that much against the animation as you; I thought the look was more of a stylistic choice but the movement definitely needed some polish. I'm with you on Stark's voice as well, I saw that Pasdar actually voices Iron Man in one or two of the cartoons out there so that's probably why they brought him in, but the writing combined with his voice made him sound too much like a jerk instead of a charming rascal. The hulk also bothered me, though he apparently is this way in some of the comics continuities, like in Planet Hulk. And finally, I didn't think the humor was forced so much as it was aimed at a much younger audience.