This movie isn't that bad. Sure, it's nothing special either and it's basically one big, dumb, loud action flick but is it any worse or more stupid than most other similar genre attempts? I really don't think so.

Like often is the case with these type of movies; they really weren't too worried about its story. The story comes sort of secondary and is simply there to bring the Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez characters from point A to B, while being chased by the police in their car. It's obvious this movie was putting all its trust and efforts into the car chases an action of the movie. It thought that as long as it featured a car chase in it, every 10 minutes or so, that that would be enough to entertain its viewers and keep them interested in the movie. It may have worked out, if the movie wasn't such a repetitive one and all of the action would have been better filmed as well.

This movie is basically too much of the same. Instead of having one or two memorable big car chase scenes, the movie is like one long car chase, which may sound awesome but really is too much and besides, the movie is never able to stand out with any action set pieces because of this approach. it's like 90 minutes of the same stuff over and over again, that isn't even shot all that well. Using zooms and fast cuts doesn't equal a good car chase! Who knows. A more experienced action director may still have been able to turn this movie into a more decent and entertaining one to watch.

And well, I'm not saying that Selena Gomez is a terrible actress in this but her character is a bit of an annoying one and I do feel that the movie would have been better off without her character. It's the type of young, smart, hip character, who can hack into anything, without too much effort, using nothing but an iPad. Besides, for the first half of the movie she is nothing but a whiny and annoying spoiled little brat, who is giving the Ethan Hawke a hard time, even though he's obviously under a lot of stress already and his motivations are clear and obvious from pretty early on but yet she treats him like he is one of the bad guys.

This movie still showed plenty of potential with its concept and story but yet it's all wasted by its mediocrity. It honestly isn't a terrible movie but not exactly a must-see either.


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