Really can't say this is a very good movie but at least it's an enjoyable one

Here we have one rather fun horror movie, obviously inspired by the success of the "Child's Play" movies. Instead of having just one killer doll, they give us a whole bunch of different killer toys, including some pretty good and creepy looking dolls.

It's obviously not a movie to take very seriously and it indeed goes over-the-top at times. But it's obvious that this movie its intentions never were to bring you any real scares or to be a full blown horror flick. It's going for a more silly and entertaining approach instead, that works out well for the movie. It's simply a fun one to watch, though at the same time I just have to say that it also is quite a bad movie in some ways.

It's a very simplistic and straightforward movie, that hardly is featuring any story or any good and truly surprising developments in it. No wonder this movie is only 86 minutes short, including the end credits. They hardly were able to come up with anything truly good and interesting at times. The movie starts off alright but it soon starts to slow down and also becomes a bit of a repetitive one and eventually even turns into more of a silly fantasy flick, toward the end.

The effects used also heavily vary in quality. The designs for all of the 'demonic toys' are all pretty good and creepy but it's just a bit too obvious at times that they are being controlled by human arms. It definitely makes them less scary and threatening to watch, as does the voice acting. The voices didn't really suited the characters in my opinion, at least not for a horror type of production, such as this one.

But the acting in general just isn't anything all too impressive. It stars a bunch of actors I have never heard of, or seen in any other movie before. At least not that I know of. This basically is nothing more than a silly B-flick, with also B-movie like actors and performances in it.

A silly and in some ways even bad movie but at least it's still enjoyable enough to watch!


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