Blehhhh! This is not just bad horror, it's messy horror!

This is one incredibly messy movie, not just due to the way how its story is constructed and told but also due to the story itself, that's lacking a good point and explanations and reasonings in it. I just don't get why the 'villains' are evil, torturing, sickos in this. Just because they had a tough religious upbringing they feel the need to punish sinners? OK, perhaps this still sounds logical and interesting enough but let me just tell you that by the way it get presented and handled in this movie, there is absolutely nothing logic or interesting about any of it.

An annoying aspect about the movie also is that all of the scenes seem to be put in random order. There is never a good flow or decent enough build up to anything. It handles all of the mystery and tension quite poorly and also as a gory horror flick, the movie is falling short.

So this movie perhaps may sound like a pretty decent, run of the mill, torture porn flick. And yes, you can say that 70% of this movie is torture porn, only problem however is that the movie hardly showing you anything. What's the point of doing a movie like this if you're not going to show anything? I really don't get what the film-makers were thinking or what they were trying and hoping to achieve.

It's still a decent enough looking movie, which probably is the biggest compliment I can give the movie. Despite its low budget and the fact that it's constantly set at the same locations, it isn't ever becoming anything distracting and I also can't say that the movie is a boring one to watch. Yes, uncompelling and uninteresting but boring, no! I therefore also don't see at as one of the worst genre movies that I have ever seen but needless to say that it isn't being a very good one to watch either.

Like i said before; Blehhhh!


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