This is not a bad movie. It's not a particularly great one either but it's definitely a watchable enough one!

It's just a simple, little, harmless, entertaining movie that doesn't impress with anything but doesn't annoy with anything either. I know that it's not a great movie but I felt entertained by it nevertheless. I believe that this really was due to its simplicity and the sense that this movie didn't ever tried very hard to impress you with anything or attempt to constantly make you laugh out loud. It doesn't force anything upon you, which indeed helps to turn this movie into a more enjoyable one to watch than, lets say, the average similar genre attempt.

Now, it's still an heavily flawed movie though. I know I just praised it for its simplicity but at the same time this is also really something that's keeping the movie down. The movie doesn't ever stand out with anything and it also isn't ever doing anything new or surprising with its story and characters. Everything is pretty much by the numbers, which doesn't necessarily makes this movie a bad one but more one that you can easily do without.

I really liked Allison Scagliotti's performance in this movie but the problem with her character is that the movie hardly focuses on her at times, even though she clearly is supposed to be the main character and 'heroine' in this. It's weird really how this movie often loves to focus on a whole bunch of different characters but forgets all about its main character at times.

It's also weird how this movie literally starts off as a slasher but about halfway through transforms into something completely different and it drops all of the slasher ingredients. It wasn't very satisfying really but the movie in general is handling all of its horror ingredients quite poorly. Guess you can say that the movie is trying to be too cute at parts, making this a sugar coated horror comedy, for all ages and one that's mostly aimed just towards teenage girls.

I felt that the movie also started off as one that was trying to have a point in it as well. A bit of a social commentary about modern society and the way how kids and adults approach teenage sex. But no, halfway through I realized that this movie wasn't trying to say anything at all with its story, or maybe the film-makers themselves dropped the initial idea but the movie itself was indeed first written as one with social messages in it. It feels like a bit of a missed opportunity really and it potential could have been something that would have turned this movie into a more interesting, as well as more fun one.

It's still a watchable enough movie as it is but there's also just absolutely nothing special about it though.


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