You can wonder; what is the actual point of this movie? What is it trying to do or tell you? And yes I have to say; this is a pretty pointless movie to watch but yet somehow I just can't call it a bad movie as well.

Of course this is the type of movie you have to be in the right mood to see. It's a very talkative movie, that isn't necessarily following a narrative story, in the sense of having a clear beginning, middle and end. It rather is a journey through a man's mind and I have to say that it was a journey that I liked going on.

The movie feels like a guy narrating from his own very personal diary, with some moving images accompanying it. I have to say that it worked out as a very pleasant storytelling style for me. What definitely also helps is the fact that it isn't a very slow and poetic movie but rather a fast going one, that doesn't ever dwells too long on anything. The movie is also only 81 minutes short, though normally these type of movies often tend to go on for twice as long. It's a real positive thing really that this movie keeps a tight pace, since it both helps to keep things going and interesting to watch, at basically all times.

I never felt bored while watching the movie, despite the fact that it wasn't following a classic narrative structure and didn't have a 'conflict' and solution toward the end in its story. It's just a story that meanders on but does it pleasantly, without ever becoming bad, dull or repetitive with anything.

It's a good looking movie, that's a period piece as well, set in the '60's. It's also obvious that it wasn't a very expensive movie to make, so it isn't ever showing off with anything but that's also a good thing in this case. It makes the movie a more personal and humble feeling one, that's all about its main character and his own 'small world' and not necessarily about the actual world and time period that he lived in.

It's clear that not everybody is going to like this movie but personally, I did really like it.


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