Can a movie be too mysterious? Based on this movie; yes, it sure can!

This movie is really too mysterious for its own good. It perhaps may sound like a backhanded compliment but it really isn't though. For 90% of the movie you'll have no idea what is going on exactly. Not because the movie has a complicated story, or is telling things in an incredible messy way. No, simply because the movie isn't telling you- and revealing anything to you, until its final 15 minutes or so, which is far too late really. You need to give the viewers at least something to latch on to, which however is something this movie just isn't ever doing. At least not effectively enough.

It's all a shame really. I mean, here we have a pretty good and promising looking movie, with a great atmosphere and also a fairly good start. It's also not like I hated this movie but as it kept going on it became obvious to me that the movie wasn't going to give me anything or anyone I could ever care for. You just don't know how you should ever take its characters, since you just don't know what they are all about. It's hard to like or care for any characters that are like that, also since it's pretty obvious that even the main 'good guys', which are girls in this case, are hiding something and aren't all that they seem.

This also definitely isn't a horror movie, despite of some horror related themes in its story and some killings that occur in it. This really truly is a mystery-thriller though, so know what to expect. This looks like a horror movie, it sounds like a horror movie but once you start watching it soon becomes apparent that it's taking a totally different approach to things.

But even while I wasn't ever too fond of the movie its mystery and the fact that the movie wasn't really ever doing anything all that interesting, I still never was bored by this movie, which is of course a positive thing to note. It means that the movie still is definitely watchable enough and it never becomes a horrible one with anything. It's not exactly a movie I would ever recommend to anyone but if you do decide to watch it, it won't feel like you are wasting your time on it.

A far from great movie but at least it's still a watchable enough one.


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