Well what else did you expect? Of course this short is a great one to watch!

Basically it's a lot of fun to see all of the old and familiar toy story characters return in this movie, voiced by all of the original, big name, actors. Add to that that this movie is a great one to look at and a fun one to watch and then you should have plenty of reasons already why you should go and watch this short.

It should come as no surprising that this is a great looking short, seeing how it comes from Pixar. So should I even mention it? I still feel I should, since I genuinely was impressed with the visuals from this movie. Make no mistake about it, just because this is a short Halloween special, that doesn't mean that it's a cheap and simplistic looking movie, that got put together in a matter of months, by just an handful of people. It truly feels like yet another Toy Story installment, made with the same passion, dedication and effort as any of the full length Toy Story movies.

But well, it's still nothing more but a short though. I mean, it's not like this movie is doing an awful lot of new stuff, besides introducing some new characters. And because it's a short, it's story also feels quite rushed. It really tries to do too much in a too short amount of time. They either should have made some better story decisions or they should have extended the running time of this short by at least another 30 minutes. That way, the movie could have taken its time to set its story up more properly and spend some more time on character development as well.

Another thing; this is presented as a Halloween special but is it really? Sure, there are plenty of horror themes at the start of this movie but as it keeps on developing, it turns into something totally different. Not that it ever turns into anything bad, so it's not really a complaint about the quality of this movie but you still should know what to expect from this movie and more importantly what you shouldn't expect, which is a, full blown, horror themed production. It's understandable though of course, seeing how this movie is mostly aimed toward kids.

But I really shouldn't complain too much, since I truly was entertained by all of it and quality-wise this simply is one great short to watch!


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