If you are able to simply go along with things, this is a pretty enjoyable and original watch!

Home invasion movies really aren't anything new but this movie successfully manages to give an original twist to things, by featuring a pretty creative and original concept. Of course it's a quite ridicules concept and actually, the more you start to think about the concept, the more flawed and ridicules it actually gets but if you allow yourself to go along with it, it does work out as an entertaining as well as a somewhat tense and surprising movie.

The movie gets tense at parts since this really isn't a predictable movie. It becomes clear after a while that none of the family members are ever really safe and there is absolutely no guarantee that all of the main characters are going to survive to the end. Not that it's the most exciting movie though. I mean, it isn't as action filled as you perhaps would expect and it in fact is also a real short movie, that's over the moment things are truly starting to get good and interesting. All due to budget reasons as well no doubt, since this movie is pretty notorious already for its small budget and it's insanely large profit, once this movie turned into an unexpected hit and real crowd-pleaser. And I have to say for good reasons all. Despite some very obvious flaws and other weaknesses, this is a very entertaining movie that besides is a very original one.

There isn't really any other movie that's somewhat similar to this one. In this day and age, in which movies love to copy each other off, that's already quite the accomplishment.

It's a movie with a lot of pace and in this case I also feel it's a good thing that this movie doesn't waste too much time on trying to explain- or elaborate any further on things. There besides aren't any distractions in this movie and it mostly just centers around the family of four, who are trapped in their own house during 'the purge'. It all may come across as something simplistic but when it works, it works and I really feel that this movie works out well and absolutely serves its purpose to bring entertainment, without ever becoming repetitive, predictable or boring to watch. I had a good time watching this movie!

Definitely a surprisingly good, fun, original little movie, that I liked way better than I expected to.


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