This really isn't a bad genre movie but it still kind of lost me toward the end, when it started doing some things that affected its credibility.

This for most part is being a realistic and subtle movie. A random slice of life type of drama, if you will. One of the problems with these type of movies often however is that they ultimately make me go; so what? Why should I care about another, fictional, person's problems or why base an entire movie around this one issue or person. What makes it or them so special or unique? Guess that at the same time is also the power of these type of movies; the situations are some very recognizable ones and the characters easy to relate to and to a certain extend that's also true for this movie were it not for the fact that it also still exaggerates and forces some of its drama.

In the long run, it also isn't really going anywhere, with any of its story or characters. This only really starts to become apparent in the movie its final 20 minutes though. Before that point, it still seems as if the movie is trying to build up toward something and there is going to be a resolution to all of its plot lines. But no, by the end of this movie it doesn't really feel like any of the character's have move forward and they are in a better or really any different place now. So, what's the point of watching this movie? There really isn't any but I have to be fair and still call this movie a watchable enough one, due to its performances and just overall quality. If you like these type of movies, there is no way that you won't 'enjoy' this one as well.

Seems like Naomi Watts really enjoys playing in dramas, no matter how big or small they are. And of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but I do wish she would pick her projects more carefully at times. It's always such a shame to see great talents go to waste in some small and insignificant movies, such as this one.

Still, her performances remains one of the highlights of the movie but all of the actors are basically great in this. So really nothing wrong there!

It's still a decent enough little genre movie but far from a must-see or one that's going to win any big awards anywhere.


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