Like most average regular moviegoers, I'm also getting fed up with the found footage. They are more are less always the same movies, that follow the same patterns and approach. It's hard to find a found footage that's doing anything new or original nowadays. This one also isn't really all that original but having said that, it also isn't the worst genre movie that I have come across.

It's kind of annoying how these type of movies try to pass themselves off as real documentaries, especially when everything about it feels very fake and orchestrated. But still, I do believe this is the best and most effective approach to take to the genre, so I'm not complaining too much.

This movie, for most part, still is a very pleasant one to watch. It has a good pace to it and doesn't ever become a too complicated one with its story. But that's really all because this movie hardly ever elaborates on anything. So the movie is about a group of investigators, investigating some strange 'paranormal' occurrences, that led to the disappearance of a young boy. But by the end of the movie, are any questions really answered? I really have to say no to that, which maybe works out good for its mystery and tension at parts but at the same time, it will leave you feeling unsatisfied.

Movies like this are usual very subtle ones when it comes down to showing stuff. Something moving in the background, a strange figure appearing for just a split second, stuff like that. But this movie is far from subtle at times. It shows you way too much, which at times definitely goes at the expense of its credibility. I would even go as far to call this movie a ridicules one at parts, especially toward its end.

But really, I never felt like I was wasting my time with this movie and it's definitely still and better and more pleasant to watch one than the average found footage genre attempt. It isn't a terribly good or very effective movie but it nevertheless remains a perfectly watchable one.


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  1. I felt is was far worse. There were no answers then it has every gimmick from dark skies, paranormal activity, Blair witch. It's terribly acted and really goes nowhere. Not worth watching. On the plus it's only 1hr and 18 min buts it wasn't scary or original. Poor attempt. The trailer is the best thing abt the movie.