Oh wow, this just isn't a good movie...not at all! The cover of it makes it look like a professional and potentially decent movie but this actual is a movie with some extremely low production values, making this look and feel more like an amateur project than anything else really.

I kind of feel sorry for Olivier Surprenant. He seems like a pretty decent actor to me and he's also truly trying hard to still make something out of the movie. But the material he has to work with is just absolutely terrible. Not just the story itself but also all of the dialog. Some scenes, for instance, start of with a character being mad at another one. 5 seconds later they are all laughing and friends again, while in fact absolutely nothing got resolved. It's crazy to watch and it doesn't just happen 1 time but 2, 3 or maybe even more times.

Another crazy thing about the movie is that it loves to present itself as a mystery, while it in fact already shows us at the very start that this movie is going to involve UFO's/aliens. Yet, for the rest of its duration, the movie is spending all of its time on trying to create tension and mystery for its story, when the characters start to investigate some strange occurrences. I don't know what this movie was thinking. How exactly did it think it was going to create some good mystery and an engaging story?

The movie isn't really doing anything. The first half of the movie is basically a pointless one and there too often isn't ever happening anything in this movie at all. There is never a good build up to anything either and it's also annoying how some characters- and character relationships can suddenly change, within the blink of an eye. In other words, no this really isn't a very engaging or pleasant one to watch, especially not when it's also trying to throw in some religious themes into the mix.

It certainly doesn't help much that the movie is an incredibly cheap looking one. The sound, the effects, the camera-work, it all feels terribly lacking, as does its editing. There is absolutely nothing professional about this movie and it's not like the story at least still showed some potential in it....Nothing about this movie is good really and it truly isn't worth your time, nor money.


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