This movie is trying to be- and to do a whole lot of different things, all at once but it succeeds at absolutely nothing.

Everything that could be wrong with a movie is wrong with this one. Horrible production values, terrible writing, horrendous acting. On top of that; it's the sort of movie that thinks that it's being far better and more clever than it in fact truly is, making this also a very annoying on to watch. Luckily it never gets too pretentious with anything but that's just about the most positive thing I can say about this movie.

I just don't really know how to take this movie. It's starts off like a serious science-fiction drama and a poor man's "2001: A Space Odyessy". It then soon starts to turn into more of a science-fiction thriller and after that, it's turning into a science versus religion type of movie, which all sounds very interesting but I just don't know what this movie is ever trying to say with the story and themes. At times I thought it was a religious movie but at others it becomes very apparent that it isn't. It isn't ever making a clear statement about anything or is ever telling something provoking or interesting with its story. It often feels more stupid than smart really, with some of its nonsensical plot developments and the decisions its characters make, throughout the entire movie.

I have to say though that still the foremost reason why things don't work out is because of the acting. The bad acting lets everything in this movie sound and come across as something incredibly stupid and poorly developed.

It also doesn't help much that the movie never is a very credible looking one. I'm not even talking about the cheap special effects of this movie but more about its cinematography, sound and set design. This movie is set completely aboard of a futuristic spacecraft but it never really feels that way. It has normal looking beds and chairs and there is absolutely nothing high-tech about the vessel at all. It's set in the near future, yet all of the crew members use 'old fashioned' iPads and other Apple products. They don't press any buttons in this movie but instead move their desktop mouses around, in order to perform a 'complicated' action and no, I'm not kidding.

It really is a horrible science-fiction movie and a just horrible movie in general. The premise still sounds interesting and makes you hopeful that you're going to see something that's remotely interesting and good to watch but the end result a very unpleasant to watch movie instead, that's lacking a clear point and is constantly making a whole bunch of bad and ludicrous decisions with its story and characters.

An absolutely terrible to watch movie!


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