It's good to watch foreign movies, from time to time. They are often more original because they approach things differently and have a different style to it, when compared to the average Hollywood production. This Spanish movie feels like a very fresh and original one as well, even though in its core this really isn't a very special or even great one.

Still, I enjoyed watching it. The story isn't all that great and once you really start thinking about it, it's a very flawed one as well, that doesn't always make sense. Yet, through the way this movie is shot and told, it still becomes a very watchable one, that besides feels fresh and original.

It's a very raw and gritty feeling movie, which is the reason why both its concept and gore work out so well. Even though this movie really isn't as gory as, lets say, an average slasher it still feels far more gruesome, due to the movie its main concept and the way its gory scenes are shot and build up. Without spoiling too much, it's a movie that involves cannibalism, in a non-rain-forest-cannibalistic-tribe, kind of way.

The movie in general has a good build up too. It's more a thriller than a horror movie really, which means that it's more focused on handling its mystery and tension elements. And the movie for most part does a very good job with this. It's not telling and showing you everything in the first half of the movie already but once everything is revealed and all the cards are on the table, it's still a good and engaging movie as well, mostly due to its tension. You still don't know how things are going to end and what direction the movie will be heading at with its story.

I also have the feeling this movie was trying to tell something more with its story but if there indeed was a 'hidden' message in this movie, it certainly went over my head.

The movie is a very good looking one, with a professional style to it, even though I'm sure it didn't had an awfully big budget to spend. So really, a great accomplishment from director Óscar Rojo and his crew, who turned this movie into a really decent one.

Of course it isn't the best movie you'll ever see but it's a nice little, different enough, genre movie, that's well made and handles all of its thriller elements quite well, despite of its story.


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