WHOA! It's like Oliver Stone and Rob Zombie had a lovechild and it's not a pretty one...

This movie is almost literally unwatchable. I even seriously thought about switching it off, after 15 minutes or so, since its hyper visual style did nothing but annoy me. But yes, I eventually continued watching (ain't I a trooper?) but it's really not like this movie is getting any better as it keeps going along, though its visual style gets less annoying when it stops overusing and overdoing it, every 10 seconds.

Because this movie is so focused on its style, I don't even know what is going on with its story. It all feels incredibly messy and random, even more so than normally is the case with these type of cheap genre movies. I don't understand the killer's motives and I really don't know who all of these characters are, that the movie has us following around.

And really, I AM NOT GOING TO CARE FOR ANY OF YOUR CHARACTERS WHEN THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF NAIVE, ALCOHOL LOVING AND SEX CRAZED TEENS. Besides, they are all far too much alike. I couldn't keep any of them apart and I seriously don't remember any of their names either.

So are there at least some good killings and gore in this movie? Not at all. The movie is often too dark to tell what is going on exactly but it's not like you'll ever care. It really didn't matter to me who was going to survive and who wasn't, since I liked none of the characters any way.

It sounds so original and awesome; a slasher set at an old abandoned amusement park but it does absolutely nothing with its concept. Perhaps that's the biggest disappointment about this movie. It's not like this movie was doomed to fail from the get go, since it definitely was not without any potential but it does absolutely nothing that is needed to turn this into an enjoyable and decent enough slasher/horror flick.

Just awful and best to be avoided!


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3 reacties:

  1. This is more like a 9th grade english project. This is NOT a film, nor is it professionally produced or directed. The cast is all unprofessional unknowns filmed by a group of totally untalented moronic unknowns. The director of this POS should be publicly flogged and sent back to cleaning out toilets at 7-11. This thing is the biggest waste of 2 minutes. Killer Holiday? How about Killer dump in the toilet.

  2. Worst thing ever. Looks like amateurs filming with no script or plan at all. Just a bunch of junk filmed and pasted together. Killer Holiday is not a film, but rather a study in how NOT TO film and/or promote a piece in the entertainment industry, Grade? F.

  3. Wow, i was about to watch this, i will avoid it you convinced me