Well sure, this is a funny movie at times but is it a great one as well? Far from it really.

Good news about this movie is that it's definitely being a watchable one but is it any better, or more daring and original than, lets say, an average candid camera TV show? In my opinion not really and that's a disappointing thing to note about a movie coming from the guys of Jackass.

Compared to all the other Jackass movies and the TV show, this definitely is a very tame entry to the, still expanding, world of Jackass. Tame doesn't equal bad or unfunny but you definitely expect some more oomph coming from a movie directed by Jeff Tremaine, starring Johnny Knoxville dressed up as a crude, obnoxious, grandpa. It's one of the reasons why this movie isn't really standing out enough with anything.

This movie is taking the, lets call it, Sacha Baron Cohen approach, by featuring Johnny Knoxville dressed up as the titular bad grandpa, do some crazy things and talk to people, while the hidden cams capture anything, The only difference though is that Sacha Baron Cohen through his antics and behavior evokes certain reactions from its innocent bystanders and interviewees that reveal a certain prejudice or bias, that otherwise would remain hidden. It holds up a mirror to society and works as a social commentary. This movie does none of that. It's simply just pranking people and while that occasionally is fun to watch, it at the same time of course makes this movie a very shallow and simplistic one. And because the movie features an 'old grandpa' and in young kid in it, who are doing all of the pranks, the reactions are being all less extreme ones any way and people let them get away with a lot, just because they are an 'old guy' and some young kid.

Even with its main plot line that it's following, is being a very simplistic and predictable one. The idea of featuring a main plot line in this and incorporate the hidden camera segments into the story was not a bad one per se but it doesn't always work out in this case, since it just isn't being a very clever or surprising one with anything. the little kid and Knoxville are great when they have to act in scenes together but it does at times feel like it's all being part of a completely different movie of its own.

The young kid, played by Jackson Nicoll, is especially great and yes, even funnier and more witty and outgoing than Knoxville at times. Not saying that Knoxville, who's under some great looking makeup, isn't great though. He's really in his element doing this type of stuff and I'm also hoping for more Jackass Presents movies in which he and maybe some of the other Jackass boys continue to do some of the stuff they do in this movie, only hopefully executed in a better and more creative way.

Don't get me wrong, you'll have a great and fun time watching this movie but I still can't really call it a very good and entirely successful one. The movie has some hits but mostly misses in it, or rather said some missed opportunities. But when it hits, it still hits good and the movie is being a true fun and funny one, making it still well worth your time.


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