Every time I think genre movies can't get any worse, a new one pops up, that's even worse than any other one.

Seriously, this is one of the absolute most terrible slashers that I have seen, since "Bloody Homecoming". The problem really isn't that it's a very generic one but the problem is that it's an extremely poorly done movie.

It's a very messy movie to watch, that jumps from scene to scene but without having a real, or good, main plot line in it. I don't really know what is going on and I also just don't know who all of these characters, who pop up in this movie, are. There basically is no character development, or what so ever and I really don't get who we are supposed to cheer and feel for in this movie. Basically every character in this is a huge douche and it's one of those genre movies in which all of its character love to drink, get high and have sex with each other, preferably all at once, at every opportunity they get. So how about we root for the killer? Well, that's hard as well, since the movie is a bit of a whodunit as well and we don't know the identity of the killer or his/her exact motives. So how are we supposed to root for a person that we don't know or understand?

These sort of movies still can be pretty decent ones to watch, as long as they are handling its horror well. This one never does though. It's all far too predictable and you know exactly when the next killing is going to occur and often also who's going to die next. The killings aren't very creative neither and besides are often terribly shot, with also some fake looking blood and gore involved. It's a terribly cheap looking movie, that's looking more like an amateur production than anything else really.

The acting is absolutely terrible as well and it ruins and ruins a lot of the tension and atmosphere of the movie. Granted that the actors aren't helped by a very good script but it still is obvious that none of the actors in this are really any great ones, with perhaps the exception of Danielle Harris. But the thing that's possibly even more annoying than the acting is all of the dialog. The dialog is about absolutely nothing and most of it obviously got put in there to make some of the scenes longer. But it really makes the movie drag instead and adds to the reasons why this is a terrible and highly annoying movie to watch.

Just a plain bad horror movie, that really isn't worth seeing.


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