This movie wasn't half as bad as expected. Actually, within its genre, this is definitely one fine and fun little movie to watch!

Horror comedies of course aren't anything new and are around for just as long as the horror genre itself. However, lately we see more and more similar movies to this one emerge. The type of horror comedy that makes fun of haunted house/possession movies, combined with found footage ingredients. I have seen plenty (too many) of movies like that already, these past few years and I have to say that this movie definitely works out better and more fun than the average genre attempt!

I believe it's all because of it that the movie feels less forced with all of its comedy and storytelling. Not that this movie is a very subtle one and make no mistake about it; it still is a silly comedy but yet at the same time it's feeling more 'realistic', due to its approach. It makes all of the absurd situations work out as even more hilarious. Nothing feels as planned out and staged as often is the case with these type of movies, that are far too focused on constantly trying to be funny ones, with every single scene and every little piece of dialog.

The characters, even though they are some real stereotypes, feel like real ones, due to the way they talk and also often behave. This alone makes the movie its characters some more likable ones and therefore also good and fun ones to have to follow around, throughout the movie.

Another reason why the movie and its comedy works out well on their own is because the movie isn't necessarily spoofing anything. Sure, it's spoofing elements from some well known horror movies but it's never trying to mimic or make fun of certain well known scenes from any of those movies. It makes this movie less predictable with all of its comedy and therefore often also more fun and creative to watch than the average genre spoof.

Yes, this is a very silly and simplistic little movie but it really made me laugh and I, at all times, had a great time watching it. Therefore I really have no other choice but to call this movie a good and successful one!


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