This movie wasn't exactly on my radar but I kept popping up everywhere so I just knew I had to watch it. Did I regret it? Nah, not really!

I mean, this is a pretty entertaining movie. Sure, nothing too great about it but it basically is a perfect one to kill some time with and be entertained by, all throughout. Won't say that I loved it but I most definitely liked it!

This definitely has a Trey Parker and Matt Stone type of vibe to it, in terms of its comedy but also with the idea that you don't need great animation for your movie to be an entertaining one and good to look at. And I actually agree with this principle and having said that; I also really liked the animation style of this movie. It's incredibly simple but gives the movie a great, unique look that suits the style of comedy and characters very well.

Still, I do feel that the movie is a bit too silly for its own good really with its story. The movie expects you to simply go along with things, no matter how silly and nonsensical stuff gets at times. It works to a certain extend but the main story of the movie still works out as something far too simplistic and silly. It becomes a bit of a distracting and even annoyance at times, when watching the movie. It's trying a bit too hard to be as random and silly as possible at times, which feels forced and therefor doesn't always work out that well. Perhaps it's true that its style of comedy works out far better in shorts and it's also no surprise to learn that this movie is a follow up to a web-series, of which all episodes apparently are only around 2 minutes short.

Because the movie is such a simplistic one, with basically just about everything, it also becomes a very predictable one, also with all of its comedy. Some of the dialog and punchlines are all something that you can see coming from miles away, as are some of its story developments. Still, it's obviously nothing that's ruining the movie but it's still something that prevents this movie from truly standing out as a greatly comical one and one that everybody should watch.

This nevertheless remains one fun and entertaining movie to watch, that also is quite an accomplishment, seeing how this is an independently made animated production.


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