While the movie isn't quite as good as the movie potentially could have been, it sill is a very enjoyable- but above things very original, Korean movie to watch!

Thing that's very original about this movie and something that I absolutely loved about it, is that it effectively combines Asian horror elements with crime movie elements. It's a typical police story, in which the cops are investigating a string of murders, all connected to an online horror comic, with as a difference that there are some truly strange and supernatural things crossing their paths.

And the movie never leaves any doubt about it that there are truly some strange and supernatural things happening. That means that you can really see and take this movie as a horror. It's filled with moments of horror, from start to finish and I have to say, it has some pretty good and effective moments in it. Sure, it's all some very standard and typical Asian ghost stuff but the movie is a well executed one. Well, for most part at least.

The storytelling of the movie still feels a bit flawed at parts, especially toward the ending. The movie is doing a pretty good job setting up all of its tension and mystery but when it comes down to revealing stuff; the movie isn't as tight or effective as it potentially could have been. I won't say that the movie disappoints with anything but at times it's trying a bit too hard to throw you off. This also explains the final few minutes of this movie, that basically consists out of twist upon twists. Seriously, this movie has like 5 endings in it, which is a bit of an annoyance. Better have 1 great, all revealing, big twist than a bunch of smaller ones, that cross each other out.

So the storytelling is a bit slacking at parts but the story itself is actually a pretty good one. It mainly works out because of its originality and creativity, which ensures that this movie never becomes a too predictable one to watch, despite of some formulaic genre ingredients. Next to combining horror with crime elements, it's also an original movie with its main premise, that's based around a horror web-comic and the artist of it. It's a nice modern concept and it besides ensures that the movie has some interesting visuals in it as well at times.

I enjoyed the horror aspects of the movie. I enjoyed the crime aspects of the movie. This overall truly is a movie that I really enjoyed watching!


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