No need to talk about this movie for very long, since the film-makers themselves clearly also didn't put any real effort into it.

Make no mistake about it. this is nothing more but an amateur production, with amateurish writing, directing, sound quality, acting, special effects and whatever more. And I have seen plenty of low budget horror productions in my lifetime but this one has to be one of the cheapest looking productions that I have come across.

It's funny how the weak and generic story isn't even the worst aspect about the movie. As a matter of fact, it's one of the better things about it. It's the one thing that makes a tiny bit of sense and that's saying much about a movie with a man eating creature in it.

Hard to say what's the worst thing about this movie. If I had to pick one, I would probably say the sound. Wow, was that awful! The one moment you can hear everything and everyone crystal clear and the next, all you hear is mumbling, like the sound comes from a person who's 2 rooms down the hall from you. I really don't get why it had to be so inconsistent. Out of all the things this movie easily could have gotten right, the sound seems the simplest one but they even managed that mess that up.

And I know that I said that the best thing about this movie is its story but that doesn't mean it's an awfully solid one or one that's constantly making sense. Some of the events and characters in this movie are absolutely lubricious. Yes, truly so bad and silly that it actually becomes good and fun to watch but that still doesn't mean that you should watch this movie!

There really is absolutely no reason why anyone should ever see this movie. Sure, Jasmine Waltz is the only thing in this movie that's great to look at but do yourself a favor and to look fro some pictures of her on the internet instead. Definitely way more entertaining and better to look at than having to watch her walk around in this piece of doo-doo! Come to think of it; the word doo-doo is even far more entertaining than this movie ever gets.


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