Nothing more annoying than a movie that is just trying too hard. This movie is trying too hard to be all hip and exaggerated, with over-stylized visuals and all sort of crazy characters, story and post-apocalyptic settings.

Not even sure if I can say that this is the type of movie that's deliberately trying to be a silly, over-the-top B-movie, with lots of violence and hot women walking around without much clothing on, since the movie itself isn't very successful as such. It's a far too good and smooth looking movie for it. Everything about it feels carefully planned out, so whenever the movie is being a silly and bad one with anything, it feels far too forced and calculated. It really doesn't work. It's more annoying to watch than anything else really, while the movie itself clearly seems to think it's being awesome and incredibly creative.

But that's another problem as well; it really isn't a very original movie. These type of post-apocalyptic movies have already been done before in the past and way more effective as well. Besides, the things this movie thinks that it's being funny and original with are actually the worst aspects about the story. The main premise of 'bounty killer's' hunting down and killing corporate persons is ludicrous as well as ineffective, since the motivations for it and the way it all gets presented in this movie is all far too weak really.

But saying that this movie even has such a thing as main premise and story in it is a stretch really. It too often isn't clear at all what the story is supposed to be all about and who all of these people, that randomly show up in it, all are. The movie does a horrible job at ever setting anything up properly.

I also really wasn't too fond of the movie its overall style. Next to being far too stylize, I also wasn't too impressed with the movie its more technical aspects. It seems to think that by just having tons of fast cuts in it, it creates a quick and pleasant pace for the movie, while in fact it's incredibly annoying and adds to the reasons why this is a terrible movie to watch. And while the movie features lots of gore and blood in it, it's also one of those movies that prefers to use CG effects for all of its blood and gore, rather than practical effects. It's terribly ineffective and something B-movie lovers don't want to see at all. They want to see real stuff, no matter how bad and ridicules it's looking. They want to be able to see the creativity and passion that went into the creation of it. There is absolutely no love and passion in a CG head blowing up. It's far too clinical and besides, more fake looking and distracting than any bad practical effects as well.

Because nothing about the movie its story, characters, settings and style work out too well, it also just never becomes a very entertaining one, despite all of the movie its desperate efforts. Too desperate really. Nothing about this movie feels 'genuine'. Everything in it feels like it got put in there to make this movie an over-the-top and fun one, without ever knowing what it takes to actually become a fun and entertaining one to watch for its viewers.


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