Well, one thing is for sure; this is a better monster movie than the 1998 "Godzilla" movie!

This movie looks bad, this movie sounds bad. It's has no right to be a good movie but surprisingly enough, it's not a bad movie at all! It's one that doesn't take itself serious at all and it's also more a comedy than anything else really. This isn't unique, I mean, there are plenty of B-horror movies out there already that play for laughs but yet most of them don't work out as well as this movie does!

The simple reason why this movie works out better than the average genre attempt is because it's a genuinely funny one. It's silly, it's exaggerated but yet at the same time, it still feels more subtle and restrained than the average genre movie, that's constantly trying to bring laughs. This movie constantly waits for the right opportunity to be funny instead, which causes this movie to feel as a more balanced and less forced one, when it comes down to all of its comedy.

It makes everything about this movie more tolerable and even likable as well. Suddenly it doesn't matter all that much anymore that the movie features a very generic and simplistic story, with some incredibly stupid and improbable developments in it. And it also really doesn't matter that the characters are all some very stereotypical and one dimensional ones, since they are all very likable and often very fun to watch and follow around as well.

You shouldn't expect much from its monster movie aspects though. Sure, there is a giant spider, or rather said a big ass spider in this movie but it's not like the movie is ever doing anything all that spectacular or creative with it, no doubt all due to budget reasons as well. It's actually still a pretty cheap looking movie with also some bad special effects in it but the movie for most part still is a very well made and put together one. It definitely doesn't feel like just another quick cash grab, like these type of movies often tend to feel like. Some true effort and love obviously was put in the creating and actual shooting of this movie.

This movie really is much better and more fun to watch than you probably expect it to be!


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