Well, color me surprised, I absolutely loved this movie!

This movie wasn't just surprisingly good but it was a genuinely great one to watch. It's a horror movie in the vain of good old '80′s style horror, that still manages to be original and effective on its own right as well.

This movie has everything in it that makes '80's horror so great and timeless and I mean literally everything. A good creepy killer/monster, horror anthology elements, good old fashioned blood and gore and just overall great visuals and storytelling. It's as if director/writer Damien Leone watched all the classic '80's horror, including some of the more obscure ones and decided to make his own ultimate horror movie, inspired by those of the '80's.

In its core, the is a true horror anthology movie, that however never really feels like one and I mean that in a good one. The movie, rather than feeling like one that consists out of a bunch of individual shorts, feels like one great whole. Maybe it's all simply because it got all written and directed by the same guy, or perhaps it's also due to the fact that each segment have one thing in common; Art the clown. Fact also remains that all of the short individual segments help to propel the main story forward. Normally the 'main story', comes sort of secondary in these type of movies and it rather focuses on the individual shorts and the horror in that. This movie is the other way around really and it never loses focus on its main story.

It's also a movie that never forces or is overdoing anything. It realizes that just a simple image can be enough to create something genuinely creepy. So really, no lame jump scares in this movie or gore just for the sake of it but some well build up and often more subtle moments instead, which all helps to make this movie a very effective and enjoyable one to watch.

If you love '80's horror you are going to love this movie as well!


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