The same sort of concept, the same type of jokes, the same actors. Then why is this movie not as a good as the first one as well?

I won't say that it's totally because Jim Abrahams and David Zucker into being involved with this movie but it's of course part of the reason. Instead, this movie feels too much like an "Airplane" wannabe, that isn't ever being creative and original enough on its own and mostly builds on the success and the successful formula of the first movie but without ever expanding on it. It even recycles a lot of the same jokes and situations from the first movie, which was especially disappointing and became real tiresome after a while and besides made the movie a very predictable. There basically is no reason why you should watch this movie when you have already seen the first one. It really hardly ever does anything new or surprising!

It's basically a rehash of the first movie, only this time set in space. Not that it changes much really. Still the same cockpit, still the same plane interiors and still the same control-tower and airfield, with also all of the same familiar faces. Sure, it's nice to see some of the actors from the first movie return in this one but I do feel that this movie would have been a better and certainly more original one if it featured some more new characters in it as well.

Storywise, this movie also doesn't impress to much. It's of course not like any goofy comedy ever features a really brilliant story in it but this movie is a bit too simplistic and deliberately dumb and silly, with every single story development and plot line. But also the storytelling itself is truly lacking. It basically throws you right in the middle of things and it doesn't waste any time on setting any things- or any of its characters up first. Of course it's true that that also is partly due to the fact that this is a sequel, so we already are familiar with its setup and most of movie its characters. We know their story and background already but it would have been nice to spend some more time with the characters, before things would start to go awry for them. It potentially could have made this movie a more engaging one and the characters some more likable ones as well.

But sure, I still laughed plenty during this movie. And how could you not? It keeps throwing jokes and visual gags at you, at a very high rate and rapid pace. This ensures that there are always some things that really work out as something comical. For every one joke that doesn't hit, there is one that does. And the movie is too fast paced for you to ever cringe- or feel annoyed by some of the movie its bad jokes and comical moments.

Still, you should stick to the first movie instead! Just because this movie has a few laughs in it doesn't mean it's a great and entirely effective one as well. And it most certainly is not up to par with the originality and high comedy quality and timing of the first movie!


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