When compared to lots of other modern genre flicks; this movie really isn't all that bad but it clearly isn't a very great one either.

I actually really enjoyed some aspects about this movie. I in fact enjoyed it that for most part there wasn't a clear visible villain or monster in this movie. It makes the movie less generic and in some ways therefor also less predictable. However, the movie is still making some incredibly bad and dumb decisions with its story, including throwing in the one 'big' horror twists that I absolutely hate! The one twists that ruins basically everything else that happened prior in the movie. Wonder if you can guess what it is.

But even so, this for most part still remains a pretty well made movie, that's good looking and features some pretty decent acting in it as well. So glad to see that these genre movies sort of start to abandon the idea that they HAVE to feature a bunch of pretty looking, stupid acting, teenagers in it, who love to party and drink and have sex, all day long. Most of these movies still in fact feature a bunch of youngsters in them, as does this one but the characters generally speaking feel far more mature and realistic, which makes them more likable and also makes it far easier to sympathize with- and relate to them.

Can't really say that it's a terribly scary or gory horror movie though. The one thing that's also especially annoying about its horror is that it's trying to be a whole bunch of different things, all at once. The one moment the movie seems to want to be a supernatural horror flick. The other a psychological one, the next moment its throwing in some found footage aspects and the next it's being more like a slasher again. You just don't know how to take this movie at times. It seems to be throwing in all these different genre elements just for the sake of being an unpredictable one but in the long run, too many aspects about the movie just don't make any sense, which is all due to the movie trying to do and be too many different things, all at once.

Despite a slow and long stretched out start, in which nothing is really ever happening, it's still a movie that never truly bores and it's one that's still definitely better and more creative than most other modern genre movies out there, done on a similar budget. It's not a great movie but nevertheless still a watchable enough one.


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