Don't you just love how The Asylum keeps making movies with these dates in their titles, even while all of them totally aren't related. I'm already looking forward to "14/14/14" (wonder how they are going to explain that date) and the prequel "10/10/10"!

Having said that; this movie is a watchable one but that's about the best thing I can say about it. I still don't really understand what was happening in it, since it's such a poorly constructed and told movie but it at least never bored me and it had some fun and good moments in it.

Of course you have to be into horror to still get some enjoyment out of this movie, since it's not like this movie has an awful lot to offer, besides its horror. Thing that's enjoyable about its horror is that it features zombie like people in it, randomly killing people, making this movie a blood and gore filled one.

It feels like a very random movie really, since it only explains things at its own convenience and when it does explain things, it still doesn't make an awful lot of sense all. It has something to do with a leap year, which causes people to go crazy but how or why? I still have no clue about any of it. Does it matter? Well, not really. Some movies obviously aren't made to impress or win any awards. They are just there to entertain and give you a good time while watching it. And I strongly feel that this movie is more entertaining than just the average, similar, genre attempt. Or well, maybe I just was in the mood for some simplistic B-horror nonsense!

There is absolutely nothing great or even very original about this movie but that doesn't make this a terrible one to watch as well! It entertains and it's definitely going to please some of the horror lovers out there, on at least some levels.


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