Hard to say what I like best about Edgar Wright movies. Is it the comedy? Are it the characters? The writing? Probably the simplest and truest answer is that it's a combination of all these things! "The World's End" is another great addition to his rapidly growing and impressive resume of movies, that besides entertain, are all greatly original ones to watch as well.

"Shaun of the Dead" was an original zombie movie, "Hot Fuzz" an original take on buddy cop flicks and "The World's End" is basically a original, crazy, teenage comedy, with as a difference that all of its characters are a bunch of 40-year old's. Sounds kind of lame perhaps and not all that fun or interesting to watch but there are of course plenty of other things going on in its story as well, which is best not to spoil. Lets just keep it at that things go awry in an unexpected way for our main heroes, while they are on an extensive pub crawl.

But that's just one aspect of its story. There are really so many different layers to this movie and ways to watch it. Sure, you can simply take it as a goofy comedy and you'll be definitely entertained if you do but then you might miss some of the wonderful character development of the movie and some of its underlying stories. That's also always the thing about Edgar Wright movies; they feature some extremely exaggerated comical characters, who yet feel very human. It brings real heart to his movies and often help to make them some very interesting and engaging ones to watch as well.

And all of the characters, no matter how obnoxious and stupid they behave at times, are all very likable ones. I'm sure that everybody should be able to relate to at least one of the characters, though probably more than just one though. It are all some very recognizable characters and I'm sure everybody had or still has some friends like this in real life. They are all some various different characters, who despite their different lifestyles and view on things are still ultimately best friends, since they share an unbreakable connection and bond of shared experiences and the fact that they have all grown up in the same small town and all went to the same school together.

Edgar Wright movies are also always extremely well made ones. Technically, they are all some very impressive movies, with a great pace and storytelling, as well as some good editing and cinematography. Thing that also often especially stands out is its action, as also is the case for this movie. All of the action basically is some very ridicules stuff but it's all shot in a very serious and professional way, which actually adds to the comedy of it as well. Seriously, most action directors out there can learn a lot from Edgar Wright and should take notes, even some of the most experienced- and already established ones.

I really wasn't expecting to like this movie, as much as I did. Out of all the Edgar Wright movies, this one sounded the least appealing and promising to me but as it turned out, it's an highly creative and entertaining movie, that surprises, brings tons of laughs and besides features an engaging story, with some wonderfully written and acted out characters.


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