Main problem for wasn't necessarily the violence in the movie, or the unsympathetic characters that were in it but more so the fact that the movie its story was such a poorly developed and handled one.

It's a very easy thing to say but this movie feels very pointless. I don't really know and understand what it was trying to tell with its story and most of the time it felt like thing were going absolutely nowhere and the movie wasn't moving forward at all. So what was the family in this movie trying to do and achieve? What did they want and why should I care about it, or about anyone of them? One thing is for sure; because of their actions they draw a lot of unnecessary attention to themselves, which gets them in some crazy and dangerous situations, which all however never feel all that crazy or dangerous in the first place. It's probably also because the movie isn't a very engaging one to watch, which isn't due to its actors but really because of its writing.

This movie is very lucky that it still had some great actors in it. If it weren't for them, this would have been an absolutely terrible and also annoying movie to watch. No doubt about that! The dialog is also shockingly bad but the great actors still manage to make it sound somewhat bearable and convincing.

Yes, to me the acting was the highlight of the movie. I enjoyed Robert De Niro's performance in particular but the movie has many more great actors in it, such as Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones.

Like I said, the hard violence wasn't that much of an issue for me. Sure, it mostly was unnecessary all but this clearly is a black comedy, so of course things are going to get dark and heavily exaggerated at times. Thing that still bothered me about it was that it wasn't adding anything to its movie its comedy, while it clearly was supposed to do so. But that's a bit of a problem whit this movie as a whole; it never becomes a very funny one. It's barely entertaining enough to watch, though that clearly doesn't mean that this is also one that you should watch.

Despite everything, this still isn't a terrible movie but there is nothing truly good or entirely effective about it as well. It's one of those movies you might catch on TV late at night, when truly nothing else is on and enjoy it for what it is but forget all about it the following day.


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